Bottle Buddy Leg (one leg)

Item # TBB80039 (white), TBB80040 (black), TBB80060 (gray) Category:


A must-have counterpart to the Bottle Buddy® Trays, the Bottle Buddy Legs allow you to store several bottles of water at a time. They are durable and can withstand the weight of large water jugs. Stack your Bottle Buddy Trays using the Bottle Buddy Legs and you’ll have a durable, functional and sleek storage solution for your water bottles. Like all of our products, we are proud to say that the Bottle Buddy Legs are made in the USA.


  • All plastic product – will never chip, rust, peel, or corrode
  • Available in black, white, or gray
  • Made in the USA


  • Dimensions: 13″ L x 1.4″ W x 1.4″ H
  • One Leg
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