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About Bottle Buddy®

After opening its manufacturing plant in 1994, plastic injection molders Wisconic Inc. quickly became tired of excess water bottles cluttering factory floor and office space.

That’s why they created the Bottle Buddy® water racking storage systems in 1997. With Bottle Buddy, they were able to efficiently stack 3 and 5 gallon water bottles, thus eliminating the mess of water bottles on the floor.

Wisconic has been proudly manufacturing Bottle Buddy in Wisconsin ever since.

The storage systems were designed for easy assembly and long-wear, so you can organize the bottles in your home or office without the hassle. The variety of configurations and colors give you the option to find what best fits your space.

About Wisconic

Wisconic is among the leading custom injection molding manufacturers in the Midwest. We began by creating affordable, high-end kitchenware products, and now have expanded to pet, hardware, and other houseware products. Wisconic focuses on penetrating multiple marketplaces, inspiring a drive for innovation and cultivating a diverse employee knowledge base.

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Proudly Made in the USA

At our American manufacturing facility, Wisconic is proud to produce goods in a safe environment, while providing jobs to the local community. Since 1997, we've manufactured the entire Bottle Buddy line of water racking systems and accessories in our manufacturing facilities in Elroy, Wisconsin.

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